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The Ambassador Program

This Content might be subject to change soon. Please ask in the Discord about the specific detail you are interested in!

Love the TMZ brand? You can represent the TMZ brand in your area under our TMZ Ambassador program!  We are planning to select several Ambassadors from each continent to spread the word about the Mandrillz through special language channels in our discord, spaces, merch, twitter and social media in general – and possibly some IRL events.  The horde is stronger together – so group work is encouraged!

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Africa

As incentives, there are plenty of features we will offer exclusively to our Ambassadors:

  • Nfts
  • Ambassador Merch
  • Early Information

What you can do as a TMZ Ambassador is simply find ways to share your love for the brand to the community both inside and outside of the Mandrillz discord server, especially to audiences from your region. There will be no pressure in asking people to buy the NFT but rather inform people and answer questions as a representative of the TMZ brand.


  • You love the TMZ brand and the art
  • You are a regular in the community
  • You understand what the Mandrillz is building
  • You want to grow with the brand


  • Promote, give support, and inform about the project in your native language in the Mandrillz discord (Thai, Korean, Dutch, German, etc.)
  • Host/attend twitter spaces in your native language and represent the TMZ brand by talking about us
  • Create explanatory videos content to educate and update broad audiences

If you feel that you have these qualities and are interested in becoming a TMZ Ambassador, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The Mandrillz CNFT

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