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Drillz City Gallery

Short Summary

The Gallery shows the finest artwork from upcoming or already established artists and will be available for the community as airdrop for certain roles, thru raffles for some roles or can be bought with Drillz Token.

  • Artistic playground
  • Collabs with some of the finest artists in the cNFT space
  • Exclusive, limited and unique stuff for our art loving holders


Collector´s Portal integrated Community Artspace where we feature Partner Projects, show off our community art pieces…

Collaborative Project with some of the greatest Artists in the Cardanospace. We invite artists to interpret the Mandrillz character in their own style. The artworks will be dropped in a small limited and numbered run to our verified holders. 90% of sales are split between the community wallet and the artist. 10% go to the devs. Out in the wild Mandrillz are known for their great sense of community and this is one of our ways to provide all The Mandrillz lovers with unique Artworks.

Upcoming featured artists in the Gallery:

  • Oodon
  • Kimosabe
  • Wamza (Havoc Worlds)
  • Bajuzki Studios
  • Clans
  • Teddy Troops

…and many more.

The Mandrillz Skullz (Airdrops)

The Mandrillz Skullz art spinoff is part of The Mandrillz’verse. This side project is directed at art loving collectors of The Mandrillz. Holders with special roles will receive them from time to time or they can take part in raffles. Each NFT is numbered to turn it into a true unique NFT. Are you a collector? Try to get ’em all.

The Mandrillz CNFT

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