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Drillz City Low Rider Garage

Short Summary

  • Collect, build, pimp or pawn your ride
  • Join special events and participate in contests
  • Do you want a custom license plate for your Low Rider? Only a few can archive this.


Garages and Low Riderz – these assets will bring in a new dynamic and utility to Drillz City.  Every Mandrillz needs a proper ride to flex on the block – together with the Horde we decided this is what we all want. Soon after the initial 8,888 Mandrillz Collection had been minted, the team together with the community decided that the best vehicles for the Mandrillz horde are none other than some pimped out Low Riderz. We are bringing this idea to life together on the blockchain.

The Garage

Minted by request into your city grid to start the building process

Any Low Riderz will consist of 5 parts (e.g. body, wheels, engine, paintwork and addons). The parts will be dropped in 3 separate mints, some parts will only available with Drillz Token. As soon as you have all five parts together you can create your individual Low Riderz. You can choose any combination of parts you have in your wallet in the collector’s portal. The parts will be burned and you will get your new shiny vehicle as an unique NFT in your wallet.

The Mechanics

If you are a Drillz Super Collector, this will allow you to give a special twist to your Low Riderz – having your own unique plate number. You can keep the Low Rider-NFT or you can sell it or you can pimp it using your Drillz Token. You can build as many Low Riderz as you want, but only one at a time and as long as you have all parts together.

The Low Riderz will mark another milestone in the Drillzverse. Who will have the most killin’ Low Rider? We will find out in different contests, with some impressive prizes! The Low Riderz could bring the potential of gamification in the Drillzverse e.g. races or card games.

The Mandrillz CNFT

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