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Drillz City OG Bar

Short Summary

The OG Bar is the Mandrillz meeting point and airdropped to 150 lucky holders during one of our famous Happy Hours.

  • Our central meeting point. Visit the horde in the Bar > Link
  • The Bar gives you perks over and over
  • A rare limited must have NFT completing your Mandrillz collection


The Bar looks fucked up after all the happy hours with the horde, so the Mandrillz started to renovate it a few weeks ago!

A special airdrop drop was The Mandrillz OG Bar NFT. It came attached with a special perk. 50 out of 150 OG Bar holders will win every following The Mandrillz™ – Drillz City Gallery Drop by raffle.

Stay tuned for more perks with future events because the OG Bar holders will always be remembered.

The Mandrillz CNFT

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