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The Mandrillz Companions Mint FAQ

What is the Drillz City?

DrillzCity is the fictive world where the Mandillz live in – the DrillzVerse

  • DrillzCity is a map where you can build buildings of different kinds
  • The map consists of properties of different sizes, bigger properties can host more buildings
  • The buildings have different requirements to be build e.g. different companions or other buildings
  • DrillzCity will be the main step to start earning Drillz-Token ⦁ The more buldings you have the more Drillz-Token you’ll earn
  • On the DrillzCity map you’ll have the opportunity to present individual content in the overview e.g. pictures of Your Drillz, other NFT projects, self advertising or Cat gifs 😉
  • Multi drillz holders will have different perks e.g. building time could be shorter to earn token earlier
  • If you are a whale you can even have a FatBank – the most valuable buildings

Will the rarity for companion matter? Classes and utilities etc.

There will be different classes of companions, with different abilities and different rarities. Look a the worker table table. There you can see what kind of workers are neccessary for different buildings. The most buildings need just one worker. The FatBank is another level.

  • Artist (A)
  • Mechanic (M)
  • Technician (T)
  • Supplier (S)
  • Worker (W)

There are different ways in getting a Companion:

Hold a splinter in your wallet and you can mint a Companion in the WL mint

Buy a splinter until WL mint and mint a Companion in WL mint

Mint a Companion in the Public mint

Buy a Companion on Secondary, after mint has started

What can I do with a splinter?

You can mint your Companion for sure. With a Core you have the best chance to mint a rare Companion, with a Crust and Mantle you have a good chance. If you mint your Companion your splinter NFT will not be burned. You can also sell it on if you like – or buy a few more.

What kind of splinters are there?

There are three kinds of splinters. Core, Mantle and Crust.

And where is the difference between the three splinter types?

You have different and better chances to get a Sub1K or Legendary Companion! On the public sale there will be no chance for a better companion. Probably there will be still rare Companions in the public drop – but with a splinter you will have better chances:

  • Core = 57.5% Chance to mint a Sub1K or legendary companion
  • Mantle = 15% Chance to mint a Sub1K or legendary companion
  • Crust = 8% Chance to mint a Sub1K or legendary companion
  • 1000 CORE splinters (57.5% to mint top 1k or Legendary)
  • 1500 MANTLE splinters (15% to mint top 1k or Legendary)
  • 2500 CRUST splinters (8% to mint top 1k or Legendary)

You can buy splinters at secondary at https://www.jpg.store/collection/TheMandrillzCompanionSplinters

Manual Mint Without Wallet Connect

Just in case you don’t want to use the wallet connect feature, you can also use the classic way and send ADA (and Splinters at WL mint) to a wallet address, just click on Manual instead of choosing a wallet.

What happens if I use wallet connect?

After you selected the amount of Companions you want to mint, Click on claim. Your wallet will open a window and ask you to sign a transaction consisting of ADA the amount and maybe splinters (if you have some).

What happens with the Splinters?

You will get them back together with your brand new Companions. If you don’t want to keep the splinters, you can send them into the Nirvana wallet to get rid of them. (addr1qy7xvruzny7pfkgvpz8j54wf934qkrte3mf70kpth9qq0cwrjep8r5cynzvt4d4jwxfat066vq58zuy720039x2ntnms9ks43t).