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The Mandrillz Companions Mint

Total supply of Companions: 5000
Minted splinters: 3776
Available for 1st public: 1224

Mint Date

1st Public Mint Starts: September 20, 2022 16:00 UTC (24 hour mint)
Whitelist Mint Starts: September 21, 2022 16:00 UTC (10 day mint)
2nd Public starts: After WL Mint

How many NFTs can you mint?

For Public: You can mint max. 5 per transaction For Splinter Holders (Whitelist)
You can use up to 10 splinters at once per transaction to mint up to 10 companions

How much?

For Public 90 ADA per NFT For WL 45 ADA per NFT

Mint duration

The 1st Public Mint will have 24 hours to mint September 20, 16:00 UTC to September 21, 16:00 UTC
Splinter holders (Whitelist) will have 10 days to mint September 21, 16:00 UTC to October 1, 16:00 UTC

All remaining supply will be available to mint in the 2nd Public Mint until sold out

Compatible wallets

* It is possible to use Nami, Eternl, Yoroi or Flint to mint with the wallet connect feature.
* Just in case you don’t want to use the wallet connect feature, you can also use the classic way and send ADA (and Splinters at WL mint) to a wallet address (tba), just click on Manual instead of choosing a wallet.
* Unfortunately, its technically not possible to hold your Splinters in a hardware wallet and mint Companions


If you want to participate in the Whitelist mint, please make sure you purchase the Splinters (for WL) on secondary BEFORE the Whitelist mint starts.

Splinters purchased after Whitelist mint (September 21, 2022 16:00 UTC) may have already been used and no longer eligible for minting. Buy splinters here https://www.jpg.store/collection/TheMandrillzCompanionSplinters