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The Mandrillz NFT License

Feel free to go crazy with your Mandrillz! This license allows any The Mandrillz NFT owner to commercialize their Mandrillz in pretty much any way they see fit. Whether you want to create T-shirts or apparel, a comic book, derivative art or else! There are only two major small exceptions. (1) if the commercialized products make or are expected to make over $1 million a year, that owner must reach a side agreement with the The Mandrillz to ensure that the The Mandrillz vision is protected from outside large corporate cooption, and (2) you must be clear as to who is creating the product and not imply or suggest the originators of the Licensed Merchandise is the The Mandrill Team.

That is all there is. It is not only permitted, but it is encouraged to team up with other The Mandrillz owners to create joint projects which utilize a group of The Mandrillz  images. The team does not want this to be limited to your profile picture, and wants you to seek every opportunity to profit from The Mandrillz NFT you own and expand The Mandrillz universe.

If you own a Mandrillz NFT you are a full member of the Mandrillz community. This is a long term project and we are dedicated to develop it further. The real value of The Mandrillz is the community and brand we call it the horde. Join us and see what it’s all about.


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The Mandrillz CNFT

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